Medical Trauma Manikins

Prepare for crucial trauma situations with medical manikins from Techline Technologies, Inc. in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Our trauma manikins give you the experience you need to save a life.

Trauma Manikins

Leading the way for the next generation of tactical training, is the TOMManikin™ GEN 4. Durability and realism make TOMManikin™ a cost effective, educational training tool capable of surviving the rigors of TCCC, ATP, and tactical medicine. This all-in-one system allows you to build multiple scenarios and create realistic full mission profiles with reactive patients. It also has improved intubatable airway, radial and carotid pulse, sternal and humeral IO, and IV arm. Choose between light or dark skin tones.

Techline TOMManikin™

Get the proper tactical training with our manikins. The TOMManikin™ allows trainers to insert a manikin to their field scenario that:
  • Is Controlled by a Simple, Wireless Remote from over 150 Ft.
  • Has Real Skin, Muscle, & Bone Textures
  • Can Be Programmed with 4 Gigabyte Worth of Your Own Audio
  • Can Be Dragged, Dropped, & Carried through Obstacles • Pulses, Bleeds & Breaths Realistically
  • Allows Insertion of Nasal & Super Glottal Airways
  • Allows Trainees to Practice Chricothyroidotomy & Needle Chest Decompression
  • Will React Appropriately to Pressure Points, Tourniquet, & Wound Packing
  • Can Exhibit Crepitus in Bones
  • Can Simulate a Sucking Chest Wound
  • Can Be Used with Any of the Our Wearable Wound Simulations

Hemorrhage Control Part Task Trainer

The hemorrhage control part task trainer is a stand-alone, cost effective solution for skills training that can be used with or without blood flow. It is perfect for classroom or field use. With this tool, you learn how to control the bleeding from a gunshot wound in the inguinal crease, through proper packing and/or use of junctional tourniquets. You also learn how to amputate a leg through proper application of a tourniquet.

Contact us for medical manikins that teach you how to handle any trauma situation.