Moulage Supplies

Traditional moulage relies upon make-up and glue to hold appliques in place for theatrical performances. The Techline Trauma wounds are designed for harsh use in trauma training lanes.

Wearable Wounds

Improve your clinical accuracy with our moulage supplies. Our products give a realistic appearance, including weight and bleeding. They also give you a third-dimensional look at wounds, allowing for actual medical interventions while training your muscle memory. Moulage supplies are multiple-use, rugged wound simulations that strap on or wrap. They are also great for live actors or for manikins. Our inventory of supplies includes, but not limited to:

• Amputations
• Blasts Injuries
• Burns
• Fractures
• Gunshot Wounds

Adhesive Wounds

Enhance your existing training systems with self-adhesive moulage wounds. Adhesive wounds are perfect for amplifying clinical care scenarios by integrating a variety of burns, lacerations, and infections. Use “Sticky Wounds” on actors or manikins.