USCG MINI IFAK - Techline Trauma
USCG MINI IFAK - Techline Trauma
USCG MINI IFAK - Techline Trauma
USCG MINI IFAK - Techline Trauma



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Product Description

The USCG MINI IFAK was designed to support the operations of the United States Coast Guard Boarding Teams. The trim USCG MINI IFAK from North American Rescue can be tucked into small spaces or carried about with ease until it is required for service. This improved first aid kit provides for safe first aid until a tactical healthcare professional arrives. The USCG MINI IFAK is a reliable solution made of the highest quality materials and features our modular system that can be worn by the operator, hooked directly to the duty belt, or attached to an assault vest or body armor with MOLLE-style connectors. Minimal footprint design to occupy only 2 vertical x 2 horizontal MOLLE rows. 


Techline Technologies, Inc. also offers certified medical training programs, preparing students for “real world” scenarios. We utilize experienced instructors who have taught for both the military and civilian agencies.
Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and bring expertise learned both on the battlefield and the streets to our classes. Combined with use of the Techline family of manikins and wounds, allows students to conduct clinically appropriate responses to life saving interventions on wounds that look and feel real.