FEBSS HydraSim® SP Basic System
FEBSS HydraSim® SP Basic System
FEBSS HydraSim® SP Basic System

FEBSS HydraSim® SP Basic System


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Product Description

The HydraSim® SP (Single Port) System meets the high demand for ultra-realistic hemorrhage simulation during tactical medical training scenarios while providing a cost-effective solution to meet any training budget.  The HydraSim® SP combines the rugged durability of the original HydraSim® with a single, wirelessly operated, hemorrhage simulation output port.  The HydraSim® SP is easy to conceal and is designed to fit in virtually any back pack or underneath clothing.  The HydraSim SP allows the user to create their own simulated injuries and bring new life to old training mannequins and moulage kits.

 HydraSim® SP Basic Kit (FS-2500B) Packing List

  • FS-2001 – HydraSim with (1) Remote Control Transmitters
  • FS-1002 – HydraSim Re-chargeable Battery Pack and Battery Charger
  • FS-1005 – MultiSim Injury Fabrication Kit
  • 225 – (2) Simulaid Simulation Blood Packets
  • FS-1004 – 3 Gallon Refill Tank
  • FS-2003-BL – Hydrasim Field Pack


    Techline Technologies, Inc. also offers certified medical training programs, preparing students for “real world” scenarios. We utilize experienced instructors who have taught for both the military and civilian agencies.
    Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and bring expertise learned both on the battlefield and the streets to our classes. Combined with use of the Techline family of manikins and wounds, allows students to conduct clinically appropriate responses to life saving interventions on wounds that look and feel real.