Deluxe Moulage Kit_CASE_Light Skin Tone
Deluxe Moulage Kit_Light Skin Tone
Deluxe Moulage Kit
Light and Dark Skin Tone Products in Deluxe Kit
Light and Dark Skin Tone Products in Deluxe Kit
Deluxe Moulage Kit_Dark Skin Tone
Deluxe Moulage Kit_Dark Skin Tone
3 Skin Tones

Deluxe Moulage Kit


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Skin Tone
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Product Description

Deluxe Moulage Kit (WW3-001 thru WW3-010)
NSN: 6910-01-619-4799
Includes: bleed system, 8.8 oz blood, extra tubing, connectors & hard case and the following wounds:
WW3-001 Thigh Laceration
WW3-002 GSW Through Hand (Right)
WW3-003 Impaled Object
WW3-004 Severe Burn Forearm (Right)
WW3-005 Evisceration
WW3-006 Broken Jaw w/ Laceration
WW3-007 Open Wound - Scalp
WW3-008 Compound Fracture - Arm
WW3-009 Avulsion to Calf
WW3-010 GSW to Leg



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