Injection in a Box™
Injection in a Box™
Injection in a Box™
Injection in a Box™ Case
Injection in a Box™
3 Skin Tones

Injection in a Box™


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Skin Tone
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Product Description

The Wounds in a box® series offers cost effective, compact solutions for skills training. Easy to transport, yet rugged enough for classroom or field use.

This self-contained task trainer allows the user to practice intramuscular injection. The simulated skin provides a realistic feel, and the unique design allows for the collection of the injected fluid.

The representative skin and tissue of the PTT-B54 is constructed of high quality silicone rubber, with layers of coloration that provide a depth and realism to the product. The PATENTED construction with SOFTTECH® materials a realistic feel, and is very durable and UV resistant.



Techline Technologies, Inc. also offers certified medical training programs, preparing students for “real world” scenarios. We utilize experienced instructors who have taught for both the military and civilian agencies.
Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and bring expertise learned both on the battlefield and the streets to our classes. Combined with use of the Techline family of manikins and wounds, allows students to conduct clinically appropriate responses to life saving interventions on wounds that look and feel real.