Blast Face with Hard Bone
Blast Face with Hard Bone
Blast Face with Hard Bone
Blast Face with Hard Bone
Blast Face with Hard Bone
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Blast Face with Hard Bone


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Product Description

Full face mask with third degree burns, swelling, with bleeding system. Wrap-around with hook and loop fastener.

A wearable wound simulation that represents a face with third degree burns exposing bone and teeth fragments, and swelling. It wraps around the actor or manikin and attaches with hook and loop fastening to give the realistic appearance of a face with third degree burns. The PATENTED construction with SOFTTECH® and  ROCKTECH®  materials, provides realism for your training scenario.

The WW3-903 operates with the included WW3-BRP Blood Supply Pump and is also compatible with SKEDCO® brand bleeding simulation equipment (sold separately).

The representative skin and tissue of the WW3-903 is constructed of high quality silicone rubber, with layers of coloration that provide a depth and realism to the product. In addition, the SOFTTECH® and  ROCKTECH® material has a realistic feel, and is very durable and UV resistant. The skin also contains a reinforcing fabric that provides strength, and resistance to tear propagation should the skin be punctured or cut. Blood flow is simulated through the integrated tubing with supply connector.

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Techline Technologies, Inc. also offers certified medical training programs, preparing students for “real world” scenarios. We utilize experienced instructors who have taught for both the military and civilian agencies.
Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and bring expertise learned both on the battlefield and the streets to our classes. Combined with use of the Techline family of manikins and wounds, allows students to conduct clinically appropriate responses to life saving interventions on wounds that look and feel real.